Allows use of multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device


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  • Category Messaging
  • Program license Free
  • Version 2.11.432
  • Size 10 MB
  • Works under: Android
  • Package name com.ogwhatsapp
  • Program by OGmods

By using the OGWhatsApp for the Android mobile OS, users can actually create two separate phone numbers with the same smartphone, which may definitely come in handy.

What OGWhatsApp Is and What It Does

Let's say you operate a home business or are in some sort of professional field and want a phone number for your business and one for your personal friends and family. This has been a very common thing all throughout the history of telephones, hence many different phone services offering this to you in the form of bulky house phones with different line functions. With OGWhatsApp, however, what you see is the first Android-based app that allows you to turn your smartphone into one of those devices by simply downloading the app and installing it and running it per the instructions. This is really a lot easier than you may be thinking. For instance, all you need to do initially is to create a back-up of all your messages and files, and then rename your directory to basically partition your phone. The app itself actually walks you through this, so you're not just guessing at what to do.

Next up, all you really need to do is have your old number verified by the service, and the app itself will give you your new number. The overall function of the phone doesn't change at all. It will ring like it always does, and you can use all the features as you always have. The only tangible difference is that people can contact that same phone from both numbers, allowing you to keep better track of how your number is distributed.

Pros and Cons of OGWhatsApp


  • Very easy functions allow you to create two numbers
  • An ideal app for professionals
  • Works on any smartphone using Android
  • Small-sized app is self-explanatory


  • Cannot customize new phone number
  • Data will be stored per number you're using
  • Action(s) might void phone warranties